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One Word Describes Descendants Afrohouse Party on Nov 12th: Epic!

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

The Descendants Afro house Party Last night (November 12) was epic. Where do I start ? Let’s start with the music. There has been a void in the Afro music offering in NYC. That void has been the pulsating African electronic music originating from Southern Africa. Countries like Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa are all countries where Afro house music is the prominent sound. For this sound to finally start penetrating NYC and to see the audience respond so positively to it, is beautiful. At AfroConex we have been an advocate for the Afro electronic sounds of Africa, especially the dances connected to these sounds: Afrohouse/Kuduro dance in Angola and Sbhujwa and Amapiano in South Africa. The time is now to bring this sound to NYC and Descendants with each party is doing just that.

The party featured music that covered the full spectrum of Afro house sounds. Each Dj delivering a different angle of the sound, keeping the energy high and contagious.

Pizzi opened the night playing a warm up set from 11 -12. I appreciate Pizzi because his flow is flawless and his music selection is unique. He is definitely a DJ to keep an eye on, as his set are consistently good.

One of the main headliners for the night, Bembona took us on a musical journey. She did warn us that her set was going to cover a lot of ground, and that she did. She cleansed the space before playing and opened with drums, spiritual chants and Ancestral Soul house that took us to a different dimension. Her shaker which she used between transitions and intros added to the spiritual element of her set. For sure Bembona is a master at delivering a sermon from the DJ Booth. From Latin house, she crossed the Atlantic and gave us Angolan Afro house. The pulsating percussions of Angola had the dance floor moving. She played Angolan bangers that you never hear in NYC. Her set was simply magical. From Angola she took us to south Africa with Gqom and Amapiano. And after 1.5 hours on the deck, she brought it back home to her roots: Latin America. Closing with a beautiful latin a capella that was heightened by the amazing freestylers who took to the dance floor during her set.

Meedy wasted no time in building on the energy of Bembona. His set was heavy on rhythm and bass and masterfully crafted song selections. Track after track delivered a musical overdose. Like my gawddd Meedy you did that!!! It was during Meedy’s set the dancers went well. If a DJ is ever wondering how he is playing, just look to the dancers. The circle grew more animated, the moves more elaborate. If there was ever a thought that house dance was no longer in the club and just in studios, last night the community showed up and showed out. House dance is very much still alive in the club. To see this community embrace and vibe to the sub genre Afrohouse was momentous in itself for the sound.

Kapela took over where Meedy left off. If Meedy and Bembona created cracks in the dam, then Kapela broke the dam and flooded Moonrise with sound. It was an epic high energy set. He did warn us, that he was bringing the same energy he brings to his dance to the DJ booth. He played classics, he played instrumentals, he gave us Afro house from a dancer’s perspective that had the entire room of dancers and non dancers vibrating to his sound. I looked across the room and saw everyone was lost in the music. To see a room as diverse as last night, unified in dance and music was the best representation of NYC. And something I haven’t seen in a very long time. Kapela played a favorite of mine: Joy Joy by Black Motion. It was one of those tracks whether you know it or not, that gets you to sing along and see the emotions of everyone next to you lost in the music. Lost in the vibrations. The lyrics were perfectly suited for the moment “Joy, Joy, this is how you make me feel, you make me feel happy”. And happy we were, singing along, our bodies swerving together, our skin glistening with sweat, water bottles and drinks in hand, everyone deeply in a state of musical trance.

In summary, the night was epic. It was a musical journey long over due in NYC. It was an affirmation that people still want to discover new sounds. That Afro house music speaks to the soul and encourages you to move!

Be sure to stayed tune for the next party as I’m sure it will be epic.

Some captures from the night; check back often as the files are still loading....

Bembona on the decks

Meedy on teh decks

Kapela on the decks

The dancers really showed out last night:

@princewayne22 and @hurrikane_Alaine with a stunning freestyle

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