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Why we do it:

AfroConex is brought to you by Manuel Kanza and Kenney Tonge.  We are dancers, who have a deep passion and love for Afro movement and culture.  We believe the world has only seen a small part of the beauty and diversity of black cultures. From the dances that move our communities, to the rhythms that pulsate through our streets, we capture the vibrancy of black culture, and celebrate the artists creating the culture.  


We see AfroConex as a space where all forms of Afro Cultures coexist.  A space that fosters cultural conex-tions through dance and music, and where the artists—specifically dance artists are the stars of the show. 


We recognize that internet connectivity, opportunity and respect for the arts are often lacking in many of our Afro communities, and contribute to limited visibility of the culture.  We hope that AfroConex can bridge this gap by providing artists an outlet to showcase their art. 

How we do it:

We work directly with artists to share their stories and contributions to their culture.  We believe that artists, especially dance artists are vital to the energy of our cultures.  We share their stories through dance visuals, documentaries, photography, written articles and interviews.


About the founders:

Manuel is a world- renowned dancer and choreographer from Angola, who specializes in Angolan Kuduro and Afro House.  He studied dance movement at the prestigious Angel Vianna dance academy in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Since graduating, Manuel has established himself as one of Angola’s best dance and media talent. He has traveled extensively through Europe and USA promoting Angolan dance and culture. 


Kenney is a global citizen, born and raised in Antigua, West Indies. He relocated to New York City as a teenager, where his exposure to different cultures shaped his interest in cultural dances and travel.  Kenney is a career professional (engineer) who has a passion for dance, travel and cultures. He has traveled and engaged with artists throughout Africa and Latin America and uses dance and music to learn about other cultures.

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