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AfroConex Vlog Episode 1: The Raw Energy of Angolan Dance

I love the clip of Ronnie and Kabra Macho Kassova (member of Os2 Dos 300 Kassova) because it captures beautifully the energy of Angolan street dance.

Watching our 1st Vlog episode, I’m immediately immersed back into the dance culture of Luanda. While there is no formalize street dance culture in Luanda, the passion the dancers have for the dance and pushing the culture is evident. And It is this passion that draws me to the dance, and what I want AfroConex to convey to the world.

The AfroConex Vlog series is intended to get you up-close with the dancers we collaborate with. See them rehearse and experience the joy that dance brings them. Many of the dancers we collaborate with live challenging lives and dance is a respite from their daily reality. Dance is also an opportunity for them to collaborate, motivate themselves, inspire each other and think positively about their future.

I see so much beauty and rawness in Angolan dance and I hope through our AfroConex documentaries, vlogs, and dance visuals you see that too.

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