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Who Said You Can’t Dance The Night Away During The Day

On Saturday September 23rd Descendants Afrohouse experience delivered their monthly dance ritual during the day, and it was magical. Clubbing, has always been a nocturnal activity, starting late at night until the wee hours of the morning. But who made those rules ? Who said you can’t dance your worries away during the day ?

The party started at 3pm in afternoon and went until 9pm. And while the hours sound early, like who parties at 3pm? It was actually perfect. The venue Silo proved to be a hypnotic location. Once inside you lost all track of time. Dimly lit, with high ceilings, and a killer sound system, Silo immediately became my favorite Descendants venue. Never before did the music hit me as it did at Silo. At first I didn’t understand it. Why was the music impacting me in this way ? The bass vibrating through my body, the drum patterns awakening my spirit, and the lyrics echoing with clarity. Was I just happy to dance or was I more present because of the time of day ? I walked around and observed others in a similar state of euphoria. I walked behind the Dj Booth and suddenly it clicked. I turned around and behind me were gigantic sub woofers. These were not your basic sub woofers, these were industrial size beat enhancers. I glared up to the high ceilings and saw the domed roof. And it was at that moment I realized that this space was made to enhance how you feel the music.

The Dj booth which was almost centered on the dance floor made it easy to connect with the Dj. All around the booth were Descendants lost in the music; dancing, smiling and transcending. Each corner of the room had its own vibe with groups of people dancing together, creating memories and enjoying the music. I found myself bouncing between various dance circles, each circle with its own energy and dance vibes. I looked at the time and smiled. It was 7:30pm, and I was dripping in sweat. The next 1.5 hrs flew. Soon Meedy was on the mic thanking everyone for coming out; it was 9pm.

As we collected ourselves and headed for the exit, I over heard people talking about how cool it was that the night was still so young. And indeed it was cool. I was home by 10pm and stunned that I would have a full day ahead of me. No need to sleep half the next day away recovering from the late night. I was ecstatic to be in bed by 12am after 4 hours of clubbing. But am I the only one who felt like this day party thing is a dope idea ? Or am I just old. I inquired with a few friends who regularly attend Descendants parties to get their thoughts on the day party and if it should become a regular thing.

Neha—dancer, Queens NY

AFROCONEX: tell me about your experience at the descendants day descendants day ?

NEHA: The Descendants day party experience was awesome! It was a rainy day outside so cozying up inside a club was quite nice!

AFROCONEX: was it strange to dance in the club during the day ?

NEHA: It wasn't strange to dance in the club during the day since I’ve experienced it many times as a dancer but definitely felt different in terms of vibes in comparison to a night party simply because i think people had more presence and more energy during the day party.

AFROCONEX: would you recommend the day party and why ?

NEHA: I would definitely recommend the day party for many reasons- a. for homebodies like me, getting home at a time that allows me to be ready for my next day is a win and feels safer than night time. b. A day party that lasts majority of the day but also goes into the night is welcoming to a flexible crowd of latecomers or people getting off work or other events to still enjoy the event. c. People are less likely to get wildly inebriated during a day time event thus creating safer environments in and out of the club.

Malachi—model/creative director/Dj, Queens, NY

AFROCONEX: what’s your feedback on clubbing during the day ? Hell Yes or hell no and why ?

MALACHI: I’m a big hell Yes to clubbing during the day. I prefer day parties over night parties because I feel like it’s a good preview of what to expect later in the night. You have the choice of either going home and really processing the experience or continue the experience by going out to another spot and carrying over that energy

AFROCONEX: what was the highlight of the event for you ?

MALACHI: the highlight of the event was really seeing how much people came out and helped the energy rise. There was a point where I was standing back and processing ev

erything that was going on, especially when it wasn’t even 7pm yet. I was recording Ken (you) and another dancer while Meedy was spinning. It felt extraterrestrial. Like the moment was meant to happen during that day and time. It felt like it was 1am and I still had energy to keep going all night.

AFROCONEX:what would you say to friends who aren’t sure about clubbing during the day?

MALACHI: for friends who aren’t sure about clubbing during the day, I’d say to be open to it, try new things, as you’ll be leaving when it’s 9pm wanting more.

Rebecca—dancer/stretch therapist, Queens, NY

AFROCONEX: what was your experience like at the descendants day party at Silo ?

REBECCA: Silo was fire. The shape of the venue gave very much Moonrise vibes which is og Descendants venue, so it was really nice. I loved how the visuals were displayed throughout the venue as opposed to just being in one location.

AFROCONEX: what was the best thing about the party ?

REBECCA: Best thing about the party is always the energy. Everyone brings it, the djs, the people, the music; It’s a vibe.

AFROCONEX: should day parties in the club become a thing ?

REBECCA: Day parties are already a thing. If we are specifically speaking descendants I really like the day party vibe

Captured from the last Descendants day party

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