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Boddhi Satva’s New Album: Manifestation, Is A Celebration of Afro Sounds.

Dance is very much influenced by music, the two go hand in hand. And at AfroConex we love music that makes us dance. Manifestation, Boddhi Satva’s new album takes us on an afro musical journey full of dance. It is an album that fully celebrates the many sounds coming out of urban Africa. Known as one of the pioneers of Afro House music, Boddhi not only delivers Afro house dance floor bangers, but shows the versatility of the sound and how easily it can influence and manifest into other Afro genres.

Cool and relaxed is the mood for many of the tracks, with melodic lyrics adding to the element of versatility. Melodies range from R&B love notes, to silky smooth soulful house declarations of strength and resilience. The matching beats, varying in their Afro influence compliment the beautiful melodies.

The celebration of various Afro sounds is a welcome departure from albums that focus on a single genre/sound. It is also refreshing, because lately it seems Afro house music has been trending more Techy and more Euro. The sound seems to have lost or abandoned its African roots for a more mainstream European sound. Manifestation stays true to the roots of the sound, while delivering contemporary rhythms. Another refreshing aspect of the album is that it covers sounds from across the continent. With South Africa dominating the international Afro electronic scene, other sounds from the continent are often overlooked. Boddhi, celebrates and shines light on these often over looked but equally exquisite sounds from the continent and diaspora. Manifestation covers sounds from South Africa, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Central African Republic, Cape Verde and Jamaica just to name a few.

Part of the roots of the sound is incorporating and playing with traditional rhythms layered into the electronic beat. There is a beauty in this, as it not only preserves traditions, but brings these traditions to a new audience and younger generation who may not be familiar with many of these traditional sounds. They also add flavor to the music; just saying!

With 31 songs and a run time of 2 hours, Manifestation has something for everyone: the afrobeats lover, the amapiano lover, the Afrohouse lover, the soulful house lover, and more!

We salute Boddhi for continuing to push the culture forward and staying true to the roots. Give the album a listen and let us know your thoughts!

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