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Studio Bros' New Album- Different Is a Dancer's Delight

Studio Bros just dropped their new album DIFFERENT and it’s already saved and in rotation on our playlist!

The Portuguese duo with São Toméan origins gave us an album with something for everyone. The album captures the diversity of Afro House music and is a reflection of the various sonic influences shaping the duo’s sounds.

Many of us became familiar with Studio Bros from their KAPIRO beat, which became a batida unica (popular beat with many songs) in the Angolan, Afro house scene. Since then, the duo has dropped hits after hits, taking us on beautiful journeys through melodies and infectious beats.

DIFFERENT is like a compilation of songs covering the best sub genres of Afrohouse music. It has soulful tracks, beautiful jazzy melodies, dance floor bangers, a strong guitar presence which Studio Bros has become known for, rhythmic percussions and Latin American influences. Every track stands on its own and there is a setting in which it’s a perfect song for. The album is a pure delight for the dancer who appreciates different emotions in their beats.

It’s difficult to pick a top 3 from this album, but our personal favorites from the album are:


There is something nostalgic, yet contemporary about this track. Most certainly it is the melodies of Tayra’s vocals laced over a steady and quality beat. It definitely gives a Soulful South African Afrohouse vibe reminiscent of South African Afrohouse queen Bucie. This is the type of track that you simply groove your way through on the dance floor!

2. SUNDIATA KEITA (Instrumental)

Studio Bros have perfected this beautiful fusion of African rhythms with electronic beats to create an identifiable Studio Bros sound. SUNDIATA KEITA is a dancers dream. The heavy baseline and African percussions are meant to carry the dancers feet with footwork, yet the lacing of the guitar and horns over the beat creates for expressions of flowing emotions in your movement.


Cabinda represent that harder more aggressive side of Afrohouse music that we are seeing emerging from the Portugal Afrohouse scene. It’s a steady hard beat that definitely gets the head banging. You can definitely go off dancing to this one!

Give the album a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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