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Cape Verdean Afro House Beatmaker - Dj Gelson

Updated: May 11, 2022

If you are an Afrohouse music fan like me, then you have definitely heard the various sounds/sub genres emerging in the style. One of those sub-genres that has caught my attention is the harder banging beats that I will classify as Portuguese Afrohouse for the purpose of this article. Listen closely and you will hear the beats are harder, and from my take seem more closer to rave bangers in mood and bass. However, the beats maintain an Afrohouse rhythm pattern, which to me creates this unique fusion of sounds.

I caught up DJ Gelson, one of the prominent DJs pushing the sound. His sound is a fusion of Angolan Afrohouse, Cape Verdian influences, and Portuguese Afrohouse house. For me, his sound is a window in the various influences shaping Afrohouse music.

Check out his mix below and let me know what you think

AFROCONEX: DJ Gelson first thank you for your time. I have listened to many of your mixes on YouTube, which is how I discovered you. Can you introduce yourself to the audience. Where are you from, and how long have you been Djing ?

DJ GELSON: Yes, thanks for having me. I am DJ GELSON, I am Afrohouse DJ from , Praia, Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) And I’ve been djing for more than 8 years.

AFROCONEX: I danced to your track Sextou in my last video. It is a banging track that stood out on your Afrohouse Vol. 18 mix. It has this perfect blend of soothing female vocals with hard beats. What was your inspiration for the track ?

DJ GELSON: First, I had an idea about the Sextou project. Then I started to execute the idea. I did the beat production, then I invited Nair to do a feature with me. I knew her beautiful voice would fit well with the beat.

AFROCONEX: how would you describe your sound of Afrohouse and is it the dominant Afrohouse sound in Cape Verde ?

DJ GELSON: My sound is energetic! And it is well received here. People really enjoy my mixes at parties, at their home, at bars etc.

AFROCONEX: AfroConex is all about dance, and of course there is no dance without music. How are people dancing to this music (Afrohouse) in Cape Verde ?

DJ GELSON: On the weekends is when the music is played all the time. (24/7) Honestly, people enjoy themselves (the music) however they want to.

AFROCONEX: What inspires you and keeps you moving forward with your music ? And what are the 3 songs you are constantly playing right now ?

DJ GELSON: What inspires me the most is when I go out to play at parties. I feel more vibes than being at home producing. And when I get home I come with new ideas and vibes in mind.

The 3 songs I’m constantly playing right now are: 1) Sextou (by me DJ Gelson) 2) Nkre xintiu (featuring Fabrício. Also by me DJ Gelson) and 3) Gelsiany (also my track)



Nkre Xintiu

AFROCONEX: Cape Verde Is definitely on my list of must visit places. Where do you recommend as places to experience music and dance in Cape Verde ?

DJ GELSON: In the city of Praia there are some parties that take place every week.

For dancing I recommend the island of Sal. It's really cool; it's a touristy and beautiful place that looks a lot like Europe.

Be sure to follow DJ Gelson on YouTube at Dj Gelson Gelson Official and on IG at @Dj_gelsongelson_official

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