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Mabele Noite Dia's New Dance

Noite Dia delivers yet another high energy banger complete with a new dance: Mabele. (Mabele Tem Forca- Mabele has energy) The Queen of Kuduro never disappoints and Mabele has all the characteristics of a hot dance. It has hip work, footwork and the ability to add your own personal character to enhance the dance.

Mabele the song/dance gets it name from Mabele clay, which is an edible clay purported to have various health benefits. The Mabele beat is produced by DJ Aka M, who never fails to deliver dance floor bangers. Mabele continues the Kuduro tradition of launching new dances with specific songs about the dance.

Noite Dia is no stranger to introducing viral dances. The artist has been around for over a decade, and continues to reign as a female force in Kuduro dance and music. Her dances have become mainstays in Kuduro dance culture, and often live on well beyond the lifespan of the namesake songs. Popular Kuduro dances created by Noite Dia are: Vai Lhe Buscar, Lhe Advanca, Abre o Livro, Kapota, Totola, Fogareiro and Ta Queimar. Unfortunately, you may not get to experience Noite Dia performing these old classics, as she has an ongoing disagreement with her previous production company, Ghetto Production. This disagreement, all too common for many artist in Angola and the continent stem from the mismanagement of the artists’ funds. Many artist who often do not have (can’t afford) proper legal counsel get into disadvantageous agreements that often rob them of the earnings from their hard work.

Mabele is supported by a series of promo dance visuals shot by Dj Padux. Each visual features standout dancers showcasing the energy and rawness of Kuduro dance. Vandro Poster, whom we have collaborated with on numerous projects, is featured as one of the dancers. Vandro delivers a knock out performance, with mesmerizing footwork, free frames and an execution of Mabele that makes the dance addicting.

Vandro's Mabele

Heydi Gre Mabele

Female Mabele

Past Noite Dia dances

Vai Lhe Buscar

Lhe Avanca

Abre o Livro




Ta Queimar

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