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Vandro Poster's Começa Choreography

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Comeca, the new Vado Poster beat for AfroConex was created with the dancer in mind. It is an energetic and fluid beat intended to inspire the dancer to get lost in the rhythm.

AfroConex collaborated with dancer and Kuduro cultural ambassador Vandro Poster for the creation of a choreography to the beat.

We caught up with Vandro to talk about the choreography and his creative process.

AFROCONEX: Vandro, thank you for the most recently collaboration with AfroConex. Your choreography to Comeca, has been very well received. How do you feel seeing your choreography recreated by dancers all around the world?

VANDRO: Thanks to AfroConex for trusting me for this service. I'm happy!!! It is gratifying to see results in your work, especially in the internationalization of your art or talent.

AFROCONEX: You were present with AfroConex for the making of the beat at Vado’s studio. What was that experience like, and were you already formulating steps in your mind as the beat was being created?

VANDRO: It was very good, I was very happy. It was the first time I had direct contact with Dj Vado Poster that many know for his enormous talent. I could see up close the execution of his work and at the moment I didn't have any dance moves but the creation of possible choirs of songs, which inspired me to create the chorus of my new song that will be released soon with the same DJ if everything goes well.

AFROCONEX: The choregraphy is a great blend between moves/grooves and footwork. Why was important to incorporate grooves/moves into the dance?

VANDRO: In fact I was inspired by everything I've seen as a dancer and heard Ken's suggestions of what he wanted more or less for the creation of the choreography. Based on his request I implemented what I like and managed to create the choreography.

AFROCONEX: Can you give us some insights into your creative process? For example, how long did it take you to create the choreography ? Do you go into your creative process knowing which footwork combinations you wanted to use or do you let the music dictate ?

VANDRO: I don't want to get too excited 😂 luckily I have an excellent and fast creative process. I can create choreography in a few minutes and this was the case with #Começa choreography. In fact, it feels like I already have the moves in my head and I let the beat take me to them. It took 30mins to create the choreography, the day before my meeting with Ken to show my idea and within our rehearsal, ideas came to me that I could change for the choreography.

AFROCONEX: Your style of Afrohouse is yet another dimension in how the dance is executed. How would you describe your style of Afrohouse ?

VANDRO: I find my style of AfroHouse authentic, although I find it similar to KUDURO in more of a slower way. In the past I used more popular dances and nowadays I'm based on foot movements (conjugations) that make the style more beautiful and more complicated 😂

AFROCONEX: Palangaza is a move you included in the Comeca choreography. Most people are unaware that you created Palanganza, and that it is a KUDURO move. Can you give us some insight into palangaza ? When did you create it, and what inspire you to create the move?

Palanganza was a creation at the time when I competed in dance contests. Many singers watched these contests and then took some moves for their songs or even took some dancers to become their dancers. The name was not given by me but the movement was and months or years later I heard the name with the movement together. In fact, dancers create various toques (dances) without names and other people use these movements and include their names to make it look like they created it.

We previously interviewed Vandro where he shared some great insights into Kuduro dance. Watch our interview below

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