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Introducing Os Sem Nome, Winners of AfroConex Kuduro + Afrohouse Dance Showcase

Updated: Jan 7

We love when dancers push their dance and innovate. And that’s exactly what we have been seeing coming out of Luanda lately. We created the AfroConex Afrohouse and Kuduro dance showcase to help facilitate this type of creativity. To encourage local dancers to continue pursuing and developing their art. In order for the dance to grow, dancers need incentives and purpose.

Os Sem Nome are the winners of our October 2022 Afrohouse and Kuduro dance showcase. The trio has a unique style that is a mesmerizing fusion of Angolan and Afro dances. They stand out for their precision, synchronization and how they utilize the space when they dance. We have seen a lot of fast footwork, but only a few have mastered the ability to execute fast footwork that is precise, clean and with coordinated flow of the upper and lower body.

We hope to see more of Os Sem Nome and will be watching for their evolution in the dance. In the meantime checkout our interview with the trio:

Watch Os Sem Nome compete in our Afro House dance showcase;

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