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AfroConex Afrohouse and Kuduro Dance Showcase

In 2020, when Manuel and I started AfroConex we recognized that Angola was underrepresented in terms of dance on social media. As the birthplace of Kuduro and Afrohouse dance, there was scant quality dance visuals directly from Angola. Various factors contribute to this reality, one being the lack of access to technology and the affordability of that technology. The inability of dancers to purchase quality phones with good cameras, the cost of the internet and data service, and the cost of recording with videographers limit how much of the dance we see directly from Angola.

Today we have positively changed the dynamic by working with local dancers to capture their art and show it to the world. We encourage the community of dancers we work with to continue innovating and elevating their dance. Being a full time dancer and earning an income through dance is challenging in established economies, but it is especially challenging in developing economies like Luanda, Angola. The paradox is that in Luanda dance is everywhere. It is intertwined in the daily culture of the city. Yet, dance and dancers are seen as dispensable. Local dancers are fighting for the recognition of their art, and we are excited that AfroConex plays a part in showcasing this art.

In October 2022 we facilitated an Afrohouse + Kuduro dance showcase. This showcase is a first in a series of showcase competitions we will host. The idea is to encourage the new generation of dancers to continue their passion for dance. We hope that with these competitions, dancers (local and international) are inspired and see the diversity and creativity in Afrohouse + Kuduro dance.

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