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Descendants Records is Determined to Create a Home for Afrohouse Music in NYC

Summer 2022 in NYC is shaping up to be the summer of Afro dance music. Since April we have seen a variety of parties focused around African electronic music, most notably Amapiano music. With 4 months of beautiful summer weather remaining we are excited to see what other sounds and events will gain popularity.

Descendants, a record company focused on cultivating Afrohouse music, will be adding to the Afro-electronic sounds heard in NYC. Afrohouse is still relatively unplayed on the dance floors and party scenes of NYC. So parties dedicated to the sound is a welcome addition to the musical offerings of the city.

We met up with Hameed Saifi founder of Descendants records to learn more about the company and his vision for Afro House music being popularized in NYC

AFROCONEX: Hameed thank you for taking the time to speak with AfroConex. Descendants is a newly formed record company you created. Tell us more about the vision and scope of descendants ?

HAMEED: Hey Ken, thanks for the invitation for this interview. Descendants is a project that’s dedicated to growing Afrohouse/Afro Tech and other culturally inspired electronic music through our events and soon-to-be label. Having already partnered with Insomniac Events showcasing the likes of DJEFF, Boddhi Satva and others through livestreams, we’re now launching our events with Caiiro & Kasango in both NYC and San Diego.

AFROCONEX: You are a self described Afrohouse junkie. When did you discover your love for the sound and why do you want to introduce this sound to NYC ?

HAMEED: I’m just a house/electronic music junkie at my core. The first time I consciously came across Afrohouse was when a friend introduced me to Black Coffee in 2015 while in Miami, where I saw him live. The entire city was buzzing about this sound and once I experienced it live, all the hype made sense.

Claiming to “introduce” the sound to NYC would totally discredit those who have put on and invested in the sound throughout all these years. I’m just so inspired by all the incredible talent across the world from South Africa to Portugal and everywhere around and in between that have inspired me to create again.

Our goal is to be the official home for the sound in New York for international and local talent

AFROCONEX: Afrohouse music has evolve into a broad genre with many sub genres. Right now the Afro Tech sound has become the most dominant and recognized sound. What categories of the sound can party goers expect to hear at your events ?

HAMEED: People can definitely expect a wide variety of rhythms/sounds from SA, Angola and all over. We might even throw some deeper Amapiano in the mix, who knows. Our events are meant to be a playground for rhythms and Afrohouse music.

AFROCONEX: many of the Afrohouse talent live on the continent or Europe, will you be consistently bringing international talent to your NYC events to help promote the sound.

HAMEED: Absolutely. There is a lot of Visa issues with international talent but we are working on our next talent driven event. In the meantime, we’ll be bringing a variety of free events for the community along with some ticketed parties for the summer while we build up to our next international headliner.

AFROCONEX: you are also a DJ and producer yourself. How long have you been doing it and how would you describe your sound

HAMEED: I’ve been producing music since 2006 and would describe my sound as Afro-Tech. Always extremely melodic. I’m working on some collaborations and have a lot of new music on the way.

AFROCONEX: your first event in NYC is upcoming on June 10th. It features the south african heavyweight CAIIRO. what does this first event mean for you and what is mood we can expect at the party ?

HAMEED: This first event means everything for me. I’m beyond excited to have people experience Caiiro while taking in views of NYC on a yacht. Caiiro has an extremely unique melodic/spiritual approach to his music. Beyond that, this event encourages dancing, community and expression, so you know it will be a pure vibe. Also extremely grateful to have people such as yourself lending your support to shed more light to this event.

If you are in NYC on June 10th, be sure to check out Descendants Afrohouse yatch party. Use the code Afroconex for discounted ticket.

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