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Boiler Room x Ballantines and True Music Studio Live in Luanda, Angola

Boiler Room, Ballentines and True Music Studios came together to capture the energy of Kuduro live from Luanda, Angola. The initiative took place over 3 days from December 7 - 9 and consisted of panel discussions, live performances and a Kuduro Dance workshop.

Our very own Manuel Kanza conducted a Kuduro Dance workshop on December 8, showcasing foundation moves from the early era of Kuduro Dance.

For the past 30 years, Kuduro has been a consistent sound, pushing the envelope of African electronic dance music. It is a sound, we believe, has been overlooked. Boiler Room’s decision to feature the sound and the fact that an entire country moves to this sound is a long overdue recognition of the sound, and the culture of Kuduro.

At AfroConex we are passionate about Afro dance and the cultures that inspire how we dance. It is very exciting to see Boiler room tapping more into the dance and music cultures happening in Africa.

We have summarized here for you all the videos from the event. Watch and enjoy!

DJ Lutonda

DJ Habias

Noite E Dia performance

Titica Performance

Dj Leo Cris

DJ Znobia

we also love DJ Tash's breakdown of Kuduro music

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