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Belita, Dj Vado Poster's New Track Shows His Versatility

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

DJ and Producer Vado Poster is always pushing his interpretation of Angolan rhythms to create distinctly unique beats. He has has been a go to hit maker in Angola for several years. BELITA, his newness single, is a somewhat unexpected direction for the DJ. It is a Semba track featuring semba singer Rey Webba and Kudurista Gattuso.

We caught up with Vado to learn more about his new single: BELITA

AFROCONEX: Vado Thanks for taking the time to talk with AfroConex. We know you produce all types of musical genres, however we know you most for your distinct Afro House beats. What inspired you to create BELITA ?

DJ VADO POSTER: Well, I felt like it was the right time to do something different. I am a versatile producer, and versatility lives within me. I really wanted to explore other musical styles, and be able to show people this other side of me.

AFROCONEX: The song features Rey Webba and Gattuso, why did you select these 2 artists to be featured on the song?

DJ VADO POSTER: I chose Rey Webba because the idea of ​​the melody was created by him. Gattuso was added for the element of surprise. His addition was supposed to amaze people like: Did Gattuso sing semba? Really? let's listen ! We also needed someone to do the rap part and my intention wasn't to call a rap star, it was really to call someone who doesn't do the style anymore but with all the direction was capable of doing it..! And Gattuso did it well.

AFROCONEX: We have seen the influence of salsa and other Afro-disaspora sounds in House music. Does semba play any role in influencing Angolan Afro House music ?

DJ VADO POSTER: For sure, many semba artists are already adding the touch of semba to the Afro-House style. And in the end it is all from Angola 🇦🇴 it's our music and names piercing the whole world.

AFROCONEX: We know you are working on an album, and Belita is one of the tracks off the upcoming album. What can we expect from your new album and when will it be released?

DJ VADO POSTER: This will actually be my first album, and you can expect a lot of things. There will be many different vibes on the album. You will also get to hear me singing as well. It’s one of the things I’ve always done, but I’ve never shown it or talked about it. Now I’ve decided to express this side of me on the upcoming album.

Update your playlists to add this melodic tune and watch our Belita dance visual below featuring Elisa (@elisabeu1) and Laden (@laden_kaolin)

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