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Kredol Creative Takes Us Behind The Scenes of Izzy Odigie's Pronto Dance Visual

Updated: May 22, 2022

The dance visual has become one of the main ways we see and experience dance. It has been instrumental in the popularization of Afro Dances and has played a key role in shaping Afro Dance culture. Through visuals we are connected to the dance, the story, the dancer, and the dancer’s creative eye.

@Kredol_Creativeidol captures dance stories in Lagos, Nigeria. A dancer himself, he understands the movements he films. His IG profile is a snapshot of his creative eye, and the amazing dancing happening on the ground in Lagos.

We caught up the Kredol who choreographed and filmed Izzy’s (@Izzyodigie) new video: PRONTO to understand what inspired the visuals and the dance. See below.

Full Visual Below:

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