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The Man Creating The Hottest Dance Visuals Out of Lagos, Nigeria: Kredol Creative

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Dance visuals have played a monumental role in the proliferation of urban African dance. It is the medium, that has inspired a new generation of dancers on the continent and throughout the African diaspora. Never before has urban Africa and the aspirations of African dance artists been captured on film so raw and honest. Through these visuals a new sense of connection with Africa is ignited.

Kredol Creative, a Lagos, Nigeria based film director has captured and brought to us the energy of Lagos in film. His 1 minute dance videos pack a punch even with their short form. The creativity, energy, and hunger of Lagos creatives are always on full display in his work. We sit down with Kredol to talk about his work and the power of the dance visual.

AFROCONEX: Kredol you have captured both upcoming and top dance talent out of Lagos. how does it feel to be a go to resource for dance visuals?

KREDOL: I feel privileged as well as burdened with the task of never failing to deliver.

AFROCONEX: The business of videography specific to social media dance visuals is fairly new; a result of dancers using their social media to showcase and promote their talent. Did you set out to be a videographer or is it something you came into ?

KREDOL: Well you can say I was not always a videographer, I had to be out of necessity and my proclivity to create art.

AFROCONEX: Of all the videos you have created what are your personal top 5 favorites and why ?

KREDOL: I like the fact you said created cos every visual of mine is an art piece and I love them all, so to the question:

#1 Liberation

This project was released during the pandemic in 2020. It was that kind of season where we all felt trapped. TheGreat Uwah was the DOP (Director of photography) for the project.

#2 Jerusalema remix for Boluwatife Oladiran

It was an all girls project. I was sick and when we were shooting under the sun, suddenly rain started falling.

#3 Pronto for Izzy Odigie

I choreographed and shot and directed this project. It was one of my highlights of 2021

#4 Kona for Picturekodak

This project means a lot to me because it was so magical it has history loaded in it. Love Divine lives on.

#5 Move for Pankeeroy

I put this because it was all an idea that came to reality.

AFROCONEX: You are a dancer as well. How does being a dancer help in the way you capture dance on video ?

KREDOL: Being a dancer has made me understand the mind of a dancer, the movement of a dancer and how a dancer wants to be seen in a visual. I can anticipate the moves while shooting involuntarily capturing every movement

AFROCONEX: Who are some of the other visual creators you admire ?

KREDOL: Clarence Peters, he is a creative god and I so much love his creativity in the music video space.

Bukola Jimoh, I call him boss and pioneer for the dance visuals revolution aka creative oracle; also my brother, my friend The Great Uwah, he bought me my first professional app for editing

AFROCONEX: Lagos and the creativity of Naija dancers is often on full display in your videos. These videos are consumed well beyond the borders of Nigeria. What do you hope people are taking away from the visuals you produce?

KREDOL: The struggles, the story and the magnificent display of culture in dance.

AFROCONEX: One thing for sure with social media, it doesn’t stay stagnant; it is forever changing and evolving. What do you think is the future of the dance visual ?

KREDOL: Honestly I can not say, all I can foresee is technology and music will play a major role. Maybe androids and robots will do the dancing or virtual 3D gaming will be the fate of dance visuals hahahahaha who knows. If there’s anything my knowledge in Engineering has taught me, it is to evolve with time and never stay outdated.

We dive into Kredol and his creativity mind in the documentary below. Shot, film and edited by Kredol.

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