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Spreading Ndombolo Dance Across Africa With Bush Sebar

Updated: May 13, 2023

Ndombolo the infectious urban dance and music of the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to captivate us. Whether it’s the circular motions of the hips, or the precise pelvis thrusts, Ndombolo is a great representation of urban Afro dance.

The dance which is free form, incorporates Congolese Rumba movements (swaying of the hips left to right) with circular movements of the hips, pelvis thrusts, spins, fast footwork and energetic hand and arm movements. The posture is common to Afro traditional dances—knees slightly bent and the torso slightly leaning forward. While females tend to execute the dance with more fluidity and suave, males are often more dramatic. Executing faster gyration of the hips, harder pelvis thrust, and with more aggressive accents in the arms and legs. The dance is done to Ndombolo music, which is an evolution from Congolese Kwassa Kwassa and Soukous music.

Congolese Ndombolo dance also played an influential role in the development of Angolan Kuduro. There are key movements in Kuduro that are derived from Congolese Ndombolo. We also see Ndombolo moves in many of the popular and viral Afro Fusion dance routines circulating on social media.

Ndombolo dancer and choreographer Bush Sebar is determined to continue the spread of the dance across Africa. Bush in collaboration with AfroConex has embarked on an ambitious project to teach Ndombolo in several countries. The tour will take him across central and eastern Africa, with stops in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Bujumbura.

Watch our Ndombolo dance visual featuring Bush and other local dancers in Goma, Congo

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