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On This Africa Day 2022, We Celebrate Dance

On this Africa Day, May 25, 2022, we celebrate African dance. What a time it has been for African dance. The social media revolution has helped to re-propel African dance and art into popular global culture like never before.

And while countries across the continent address challenges and continue their development, it is important that the arts are part of those development plans. Dance, something that is ever present throughout the continent is a medium that holds tremendous power, if only those in power, could see the potential in dance.

Dance is not just a pass-time or cultural norms, or forgotten traditions worth preserving; dance is a life line. When we laugh we dance, when we hurt we dance, when we celebrate we dance; dance occupies all aspects of life. This presence of dance in life should not be taken for granted. It should be harnessed. It should be nurtured and used to help in the development of communities and countries. It should be recognized as valuable talent that can be used to cultivate productive members of society.

The time is now to think differently about dance in Africa. What it can be, and what role it can play for the greater good of society.

Let's dance!

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