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Introducting Corpus Entre Mundos- Afro Contemporary Dance

Updated: Jan 15

Dance is often a reflection of our life experiences expressed in movements. Dilo Paulo, founder of Corpus Entre Mundos: (bodies between worlds), uses his life experiences to create movements. His movements are a reflection of the different worlds and experiences he has been exposed to. Kuduro, Afro Dance, Hip Hop, Contemporary dance, life in Angola, life in Brazil, all these are part of Dilo’s story and all culminate into a seamless fusion of movements that crosses continents and genres effortlessly.

When we first collaborated with Dilo. (Link to our original interview is below) he told us: “I always try to seek more knowledge without erasing my identity”. And as dancers, I think this what many of us aim to do: to seek more knowledge within the styles we do, but never loosing who we are.

Dilo and Lenna Siqueira created a full on dance show for us. The 9 minute visual is a beautiful representation of the movement philosophy of Corpus Entre Mundos. We hope you enjoy it!

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